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At PDM we believe in people, in their value, in their talent and, mainly, in their perseverance and ability to improve every day.

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The OutSystems technology consists in a high productivity Platform as a Service (PaaS) that allows the fast development of software applications, both for web and mobile. It can be executed in the cloud, on-premises or in hybrid environments and has the ability to generate .NET and JAVA code through a unique IDE (Service Studio).

It is a 100% portuguese technology in constant growth at a national and international level, used in more than 42 countries. Knowledge in OutSystems is an added value in Portugal’s labour market, but also in foreign countries, in the most varied industries, where it is possible to develop challenging and rewarding projects.

The PDM academy’s OutSystems course intends to train candidates with potential in this area during 8 weeks. The first 3 weeks will be in full time at PDM’s facilities and the last 5 at OutSystems facilities. The OutSystems team will support the whole process and our academy will provide any tool and resources needed. During the training period, trainees will have access to a training scholarship and will receive at the end of the 3rd week an "Associate Developer“ Outsystems Certificate.

1st phase:

Intensive 3-weeks Training Plan in OutSystems in a mixed context:

  • - E-learning: Trainees receive all the required materials to take the course;
  • - On-site (classes): 3 days a week, 2h/day at PDM’s facilities. The purpose is to support trainees on e-learning aspects and to answer their questions.

Note: This stage includes lunch scholarship.

2nd phase:

Obtainment of the “Associate Developer” OutSystems Certification after doing the corresponding exam.

3rd phase:

5 weeks of training on Ramp up at OutSystems’ facilities, which will allow the trainee to work on an OutSystems project. Subsequently, the trainee might join a 9-month IEFP internship.

4th phase:

Direct employment contract with PDM according to the demonstrated competences.

  • - Recent graduated in Computer Engineering or other equivalent areas;
  • - Knowledge in .NET, Java or SQL are a plus;
  • - Willingness to learn, good analytical skills, motivation and responsibility.

PDM is interested in all candidates’ profiles (graduated in Universities, Polytechnic, or with CET), as long as they show interest, talent and effort.

The main advantage of carrying out this training, besides obtaining a certification, is to acquire knowledge of a Portuguese technology with proven growth potential and to be able to effectively apply it.


Not available at the moment.


Not available at the moment.


At PDM we believe in people, in their value, in their talent and, mainly, in their perseverance and ability to improve every day. We look for people who are passionate about their work, who like to innovate and take a risk in disruptive and transformative projects. In this way, we created the PDM academy to identify candidates with high potential and provide them a high quality training and pedagogical plan, with the essential skills and tools in the current world technological panorama.

Candidates Profile
  • - Computer Engineering;
  • - Electrical and Computer Engineering;
  • - Telecommunications Engineering and Informatics;
  • - Electronic Engineering and Telecommunications;
  • - Computer Engineering and Telematics;
  • - Biomedical Engineering;
  • - Informatics and Business Management;
  • - Applied Mathematics;
  • - Other areas/ proven experience.
Selection Process:

    The selection of candidates includes two phases:

  • - Behavioural Evaluation (60%);
  • - Technical Evaluation (40%);
  • - Adaptation to a multicultural work environments;
  • - Specialized know-how in the training areas;
  • - Agile methodologies in a software development context;
  • - Professional appreciation in the labour market at a national and international level.