Cognitive improves human decision-making.

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The purpose of cognitive computing is to create automated systems able to solve problems without human intervention. PDMFC has a large experience in this area, both in technology and in the expertise of their technical staff.


The purpose of cognitive computing is to create automated systems able to solve problems without human intervention.

This area develops state-of-the-art systems and solutions – hardware and software – that simulates the human brain functions in a computerized model. It promotes the ability to create, learn and improve the human decision-making, taking into account the wide amount of data stored by companies. It includes topics such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Watson, among others.

PDMFC has a large experience in this area, along with the expertise of its technical staff. Our product BIAS belongs to both Cognitive and Security areas.

Products and Solutions

A Software platform designed to protect organizations against Fraud and Cyber threats.


Business Intelligence

This subarea consists of generating, aggregating, analyzing and visualizing relevant data so that decision-making can be as informed and consistent as possible. PDMFC's BI offer focuses primarily on three major areas – Analytics, Data Mining and Big Data:

Analytics is characterized by the construction of trends from the available data and the comparison between magnitudes relevant to the business. It allows the visualization of this data in various ways and with different combinations to identify relations and trends immediately. PDMFC also has success stories in "Predictive Analytics".

Data Mining has as objective to get answers for questions that have not been at priori asked. It discovers patterns solely from the data, without the insertion of models or expectations of relations, using only statistical tools to obtain these patterns and separate noise, while providing levels of confidence to the patterns found. PDMFC also has a great experience in this area, with a team of professional experts in statistical tools specialized in Data Mining.

Big Data

Big Data refers to enormous volumes of data, which may include, in addition to internal company data, external data sources that impact business day to day. It refers to processes to obtain, process, clean and analyze these data and its relation with the company’s internal data, and requires a large computing power. It is an almost unlimited source of information that allows to get answers to questions that cannot be solely answered with internal and structured data of the company. More accurate data leads to a better decision-making which means more operational efficiency, reduce of risk and costs, and gives a detailed view of the industry, business and potential customers. Our company has also a large expertise in this topic.

Cognitive Services - Watson

The Watson system, created by IBM, is a data analysis system, one of the best examples of computational action and the most advanced in this area. It is a data treatment and validation advanced solution that thinks, understands, learns and interacts like a human. This cognitive technology is useful in all industries and to solve many problems, and is capable of providing automated services, analyze all types of content, discover patterns and meaning in data, as well as identify mentions and relationships in unstructured data using one common tool.

This platform is a huge asset in the healthcare sector. It is used to build personalized recommendations based on patient data, analysis diagnosis and comparison with thousands of investigations in the area, among other functionalities. In addition, it is already used in the financial sector to conduct financial analyzes, and in education, retail and other sectors.

PDMFC has aptitude to use the service and adapt it according to the clients’ need, being at the vanguard of the National Market.