PDM&FC was created in 1991 by a group of recent graduated Computer and Electronic Engineers, from Instituto Superior Tecnico, Lisbon.

The need to obtain higher levels of knowledge, drive the majority of PDM&FC founders to follow graduate studies and be involved in exterior national and international projects. That delayed the real startup of PDM&FC, which really started producing in 2001, with 3 workers.

Nowadays PDM&FC has around 180 workers, between those there are PhDs in computer science and MSCs (both in computer science and in economics).

Company bases

Since PDM&FC was created the overall bases were:

These bases are still unchanged since the creation of PDM&FC, and they are the ones that allow PDM&FC to offer higher performance solutions with a exceptional liability and usually with smaller development time than our most direct competition. The high level of presented solutions, easy integrate with other components on the client IT infrastructure.

Supporting these bases are the fact that about half of PDM&FC workers have postgraduate studies, and usually present scientific papers in international conferences.